Hello my dear readers,

How have you been all this time? I am currently making the last preparations for me moving houses from Berlin to Bonn! I am a bit scared to live all on my own for the first time and then even in an unknown city. While this is all exciting I am running from person to person to meet everyone once again before I finally leave. I am thankful everyone takes their time to meet me despite working and university :) I will study this term in Bonn until February, then go to Japan for half a year and study the third term in South Korea, yay! Very excited for this :)

I was recently browsing through H&M and was surprised with their new autumn items, there was so much stuff I liked! I usually find 1-2 items from time to time but this time I was really hooked... lots of black, plaid and grungy items with leather so I thought I'll share with you guys :)

I especially liked that leather x purple x leopard college jacket and the black ornament bag because I haven't seen that before at any other store. I am also really excited for all the awesome glitter shades ^w^

I personally really like to browse mens section as well since I  like casual and loose clothes :D They had lots of asymmetric cuts and jackets that I liked :)

Really liked all the Tees they have at the mens section and I somehow have the feeling all the items at mens section are a lot cheaper than in the womens department? Hmm...

I didn't buy much in the end since I lack money... moving between cities sure is a hell of expensive .___.""

Bought an oversize asymmetric sweater in a (much more bright than in the picture) green and an acid wash dark grey skinny jeans since I only wear grey jeans but the last pair I had I threw away like.. maybe three years ago.

The most perfect plaid shirt (SO fluffy, awesome colors!) and a reallyyy thick and warm scarf which I bought from Review but on the same day. I have worn this scarf every single day since I bought it. It may not look like much but I somehow never owned a basic black scarf and it just goes with everything. This will accompany me the whole winter season <3 The plaid shirt is oversize (well, it wasn't really but I bought it in size 42 so that it turns oversize - hate that everything has to be so short -_-) and it has a little lace detail on the shoulders which isn't desplayed here. I also bought some basic Tees from the mens wear department in grey & dark red.

At the moment I find stuff I love EVERYWHERE and I think it's because I'm super broke. I'm only buying stuff which is like up tp 5€ because I really need the money =_=" While I love my freedom of not working parttime anymore, the money thing definitely sucks. Hopefully the German government will be able to support my studies soon <.< (You can apply for special student money in Germany but guess what - takes ages until you actually see any money!)   Rant over.

Hope this post could inspire you a bit - I actually have a loooot to post about, just don't really find the time while switching cities and apartments and... well, life. Have a good day (it's National Holiday today in Germany - quality time with boyfriend!)  and hopefully talk to y'all soon! <3

Lots of love,


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