Heeeej my dearest ones,

How have you all been? I'm preparing this post in advance while I'm still in Berlin because I don't know how hectic the first week in a new city might be :) My experience told me that there is always so much piling up you barely have time for anything in the beginning!

I had a big shopping spree with my mom the Friday before I left Berlin. We were walking around the center of Berlin, eating at our favorite sushi place and visiting the beloved MAC store to check up on the limited editions <3 The autumn in Berlin is beautiful, but really really cold. I came to the conclusion that I don't really have a jacket that goes from autumn to winter... I have a lot of late summer coats and winter coats but nothing in between.

So.. my friend Pachi has this great coat. From Superdry. A parka, actually. A black parka with awesome  shocking orange-coral color as accents... I loved that coat as soon as I laid eyes on it. Soooo I dragged my mom to Superdry in Berlin ("just to have a little look!"), shove her right in front of the jacket just to see that there is only one left. In L. Size L is the best option for me since I am quite tall (M is almost always too short for my liking) and due to the fact that I need to squeeze a thick sweater underneath. Luckily, my mom is as in love as I am and we decide, broke girls as we are, that we split the price between us which seemed more than fair to me! :) So meet my new jacket!

I really really really love this parka! It has fleece inside so it is kinda fluffy and really warm although it looks and feels kinda thin. It even has holes where you can poke your thumb in, how awesome is that? For me, a bicycle girl, there has never been a better idea. It is long enough to cover my butt (I HATE JACKETS THAT ARE TOO SHORT AND FLIP OVER YOUR HIP ALL THE TIME... they make me nervous.) and I love the shocking orange inside! I usually really don't like orange at all but somehow in this jacket, it works. It definitely is a very unique parka, I've never seen any like it :) Plus, I think it looks really good with my hair color ^w^ Hope this jacket brings me safe through autumn and maybe early winter! (Heard the winter in West Germany isn't as harsh as it is always in Berlin..)

"The Parka" from Superdry retails at 99,95€ in stores and online. (Not too bad for a good jacket, considering the normal Superdry hoodies retail at about 79,99€......)

Hope you're all able to enjoy the autumn weather at your place!
Lots of love,


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