Hey my dear readers,

I hope you had a wonderful and eventful week! I still had a lot of preparations to do for the Master course which started just this week, yay!. I am super excited for the lessons and hopefully I'll learn a lot! ^_^ Today we were finally able to construct our schedule because we met with our Korean teachers to set dates for the language lessons. It was easier than expected (were a bit afraid because we all have different schedules). A lot of you said they wanted to know more about the major I chose so I'll introduce you my schedule for fall semester at Bonn university. 

This major consists of three fields: Area Studies (Europe + Asia), Joint Research/ Cultural Comparison (between Germany, Japan and Korea) and Language Studies (in my case: Advanced Japanese and Beginners Korean). At fall semester we will have a module called German + European Studies which will turn into Japanese + Korean Studies when we go to Japan and Korea. So you can see you -mainly- focus on the area you are located at the moment. Unfortunately we start at Bonn, so we have to begin with German and European Studies which I don't think to be that interesting... speaking, being an European already and such. But well, we still have enough really interesting courses left! :)

We will be quite packed with lessons although it is arranged pretty nice :D As you can see lessons start late on Monday and Friday and Wednesday we have completely off! We will get another Korean course at the beginning of December though, so this is only for the first 5 weeks :)

I am super excited for the Korean Intensive course - a special course designed only for the four of us who joined the course from the German side. I think we will learn a lot and make fast progress regarding that we are only four :) I started to learn Hangeul, but although it is an alphabet it takes quite some time to memorize.

Furthermore I am really excited about the Cultural Comparison course - Film History. We will watch + discuss German, Korean and Japanese films regarding certain aspects. We started by watching the Korean film "Festival" and discussed Korean views on Death which was very interesting and very different from the German perspective. I am also very intrigued by the course Society Affecting Literature and Media in South Korea :D This is not in the core curriculum, but I decided to go there by myself since it seems like a very interesting topic. Altogether I am really pleased with the schedule (enough of sleep for night owl Sam!) since it displays a great variety of topics which I hoped to find with this master's course.

If you have any questions regarding this program, feel free to drop me a question! 
Lots of love,


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