Hi my dearest ones,

How have you all been? I've been doing very good so far :) First week of real lessons just started and it's been very great so far! Started learning Korean/the Hangeul alphabet and we all doing better on Speaking as we all thought xD But well, wait before we have to built, like, real sentences! University's great and I'm doing lots of stuff with my fellow companions here :) We love to go to the cafeteria and have a meal together, which can be really cheap and surprisingly good for the money! Since I don't really own a kitchen, it's gotten quite a pain to cook anything and I try to reduce cooking to a minimum or cook large amounts at once so that I can have it for the rest of the week :D

But Tuesday evening, I got a sudden craving for something warm and belly-filling and though really hard on what to do - I don't really have that much stuff at home, usually only the ingredients if I wanna cook something specific. But I gave it a little thought and created some -in my opinion- absolutely great sandwich which I wanted to share with you! It's nothing special of course, but I liked it so much that I will have it for breakfast again and sometimes even a little post like this can inspire someone to grab a spoon and start right away.


What you'll need (serves 2):

1 small onion
2-3 champignons or any mushroom you have at hand
1 clove of garlic
gouda cheese (or ANY cheese you like, feel free to mix!)
salt, pepper
4 slices of bread
(additional: yakitori sauce)

Heat your favorite frypan and fry the onions until getting translucent. add the mushrooms and garlic and fry for another minute on medium heat. Add pepper, salt and yakitori sauce if you like it a tad sweet like I do. If not, screw the yakitori sauce :D Shove all of it onto your bread, top it with as many cheese as you can get and fry on low to medium heat in the pan until the cheese starts to melt. That's it, your done! (Oh, don't forget to flip the bread of course.) 

Almost too easy, isn't it? I like that it feels very filling and as if it were a real meal. And to be honest: it was just sooooo good. I also like the fact that it's vegetarian - my boyfriend just loooves meat but I eat a significant amount less meat since I am living alone. I actually throw mushrooms into almost every dish, I think they fit perfect everywhere!

Anyway, I really enjoyed this little snack and hope you find it to your liking as well if perhaps you decide to try this out :) Feel free to mix and change!

Lots of love,


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