Hi my dear readers,

Since university starts again soon enough I'm making little preparations and getting all the stationary I need. I LOVE STATIONARY. Notebooks, folders, pens... I can never have enough and it's almost hell when I'm in Asia because everything is just adorable. I think I had about ten different notebooks in Japan... (this can actually only get worse in Korea.) In Germany, most stationary items are as boring as it gets. Dominated by a lot of blacks, followed by bright single-colored folders and childish notebooks, it's just sad. With that being sad I decided to "cute up" my own stationary items a bit.. :D I love learning and since I'm doing it all the time I at least want to look at something cute ^w^ (Bonn report will be posted somewhen soon, but I'm doing fine!)

Sooo I found this adorable folder which was meant for cute little girls who enroll for their first time in school... well.. even master students need a folder right? I usually use separate clear folders for every course I have but it would be so much more convenient to have it all together in one bigger folder so I'm trying something new. The pencil case is the meganeko (word play from megane - glasses and neko - cat) one Pachi and I bought when we studied in Japan. Pachi has the black one and I had to sow at least one leg anew for her every month... dunno how she did that my cat never lost a leg in class :'D Key chain is from Disneyland Tokyo and yes, that is a Shingeki no Kyojin ruler :D

I got this cute little sticker set from a friend of mine as a present and didn't have an opportunity to use it until now... it will help me distinguish the classes from each other, love the idea! (Needless to say, similar stuff is not available in boring Germany...)

These are the stickers I used on my new folder :) These special sakura stickers are my favorite they are SO pretty <3 I've gone pretty crazy and bought tons of stickers last year in Japan.. you'll never know.. :D I'm still lacking a notebook for my Korean class. When I start a new language I always have at least one grammar notebook where I explain to myself all the crucial grammar points - so much better than grammar books and you have everything you need in one place. Couldn't find anything nice so far :x I collected my favorte items of (mostly) Korean stationary as inspiration for you guys :)


..I know already that studying in Korea will be the end of me and my money ^^" Did you know that I am a big Molang fan? (Big fat bunny on picture #1!) I bought the cutest calendar for next year, which I'll show you in a different post :) Hope all of you students are as prepared for university as I am! Cute items like these certainly brighten my everyday life :)

Wish you all a happy week!
Lots of love,


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