Hello my dear readers,

Are you ready to leave this year behind yourself? This year had very good effects (getting bachelor's degree / starting master studies) and very bad ones (herniated disc and a summer full of trying to recover / having to quit work therefore) so I am a bit ambivalent about this year, although I think the good parts overweighed. I really do look forward to 2014 since I will spent it almost completely in Japan and Korea! 2014 should've been the year of my boyfriend and I, since we came together on a 14th, but I fear we won't see each other more than a month altogether, which is... kinda sad. I hope he forgives me :x But if I'm lucky he will visit me in Korea, crossing fingers for that! :3

Soooo I was on the long and difficult search for a new calendar! I love calendars, as a student I just have to many dates to remember like my schedule, working hours, meeting with friends, presentations, exams and many more I cannot live without my calendar. Plus, when I was in Japan I noted everything important there so it was really handy over a long period of time. I had a green hardcover Totoro calender this year and definitely wanted something cute yet not too pinkish/girly at the same time. Plus, I didn't want a hardcover because my Totoro calendar turned kinda dirty after some time in my handbag :/

When browsing Ebay I found this super adorable calendar from the Korean character Molang! It's a fat little bunny and just so adorable. The calender came with stickers and even a Molang fan as a gift.

 I got the mint one; it was long not available so I ordered pink (the only one available at that time) but they weren't able to deliver and ask me if I would be okay with the mint one instead. Needless to say, it was no problem for me! :D

I admit: the stickers were a MAIN selling point for me, I just lovelovelove cute stickers. I think I bought a ton back in Japan but I never use them because they are so pretty XD I really do use these stickers though and suprisingly I found a matching sticker for all of my friends when I marked their birthday! I think its really fun to embellish your personal calendar :)

This calender has a yearly, monthly and weekly section for you to write in, which is very important for me. I always mark my friend's birthdays in the yearly section and always have stuff like university or work in the monthly section so that I see everything at once to get a good orientation when I have time to do whatever. The weekly sections are really big and you have lots of space to write!

In terms of quality, this calender is really good. I spent 17€ which is a decent price for a calendar in my opinion, most calenders in Germany are 15 - 20€ anyways and it was 13,200 Won in Korea which is about 13€ - can't really not complain :) The calendar is sturdy, it doesn't feel cheap or as if it may be torn apart soon, I am very satisfied with this product and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Korean popculture or like cute stuff in general :)

The only thing that might be a downside for some people: This is a diary with no specific year, so you have to enter month and dates yourself - I didn't really mind that point since I like personalizing my stuff but some people who are not into crafting or want a completely ready to go product might not like this as much as I did :)

You can get this diary at YESSTYLE or Ebay, I searched "Moland Diary" :) Make sure to share your favorite calendar with me if you already found one! ^___^

Lots of love,


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