Hello my lovelies,

Are you enjoying the pre-Christmas time? With my schedule, I hardly had any time to enjoy it but I visited the Christmas markets enough so that I most certainly won't miss them next Christmas when I'll be in Korea. Crazy thing, not even three months left until I leave for Japan again! It's still very surreal but I might book my flight next week so it can become a bit more realistic and my head can get used to the idea of going to Japan again. Actually, it's not as big a deal as last time because I already lived there a whole year, I know I will gonna be okay, I will love it and most importantly, I will learn just a lot. Really a lot. (Last time, my Japanese improved like 300% or something, I still realize my advantage when I see other student who were not as lucky and did not get to study abroad :/ It really makes a big difference!)

So after the hunt of Christmas presents for my boyfriend (HARDEST TASK EVER. My boyfriend is so simple it gets complicated.) I had still a good amount of money left because I got some extra cash from my mom and my grandma aaaand... I decided it's time to treat myself. So I got myself a little pre-Christmas present.. (because I probably won't need it after Christmas!)

...Tada! The Motel Rocks Gabby Dress in Iridiscent Purple, just how amazing is this dress? I just bought it and can't wait for it to arrive! :3 I plan to wear it for the Christmas time and also for New Year's Eve. We're having a theme/costume party as always and with a red wig I will be the most sparkly modern Arielle the mermaid you have ever seen! :D  I bought this dress in L size because I read online that it fits a lot of people really tight so I should be okay since my normals size is M (36~38). At least I hope so. I will cry if it doesn't fit, but come on, L should be okay. I will starve for a week if it doesn't fit xD  It is an expensive dress but I never buy anything special for Christmas/New Years Eve and I wanna be sparkly this year. I worked so hard I deserve a treat! ^^ (Trying to justify myself...)  I will definitely review this dress as soon as it arrived because I couldn't find a single review on this particular color, I hope it will look amazing! ^w^

I also compiled a little wishlist for Christmas, but I actually don't wish for much this year. Since I am so short of money and since I will have a scholarship from March I can pretty much buy the things I want then so I don't really need much this year for Christmas. I tried to make my boyfriend know that I would really really like the Mia 2 Cleansing Set but I still don't know if he gets it... I even sent him several Ebay links but I am prepared to not get it because my bf usually don't get it. (He has the emotional ability of a toast sometimes.. XD I still love him though ;D )

#1 The new Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette - I never had much love for the Naked palettes but the one they just released is gooooorgeous. So so pretty colors, I love it! Unfortunately it's sold out everywhere atm.. (if my cousin goes to London I'll make sure to give her a wishlist :D)   #2 Mia 2 Clarisonic As I just mentioned, I want a cleansing brush for my face. For almost a year now. If my bf doesn't get me one I pretty much have to get one myself, I cannot wait any longer xD  #3 Decoden Cases from Etsy I just found this store on Etsy and it has the most amazing sweet Decoden cases. I usually prefer to do my cases myself but she makes all the charms herself and I think the result is just amazing!

What do you wish for Christmas..? I just hope me and my family and friends will have a good time and a bit of rest from all the hectic days that lay behind us now :) Have a good day!

Lots of love,


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