Hey my dear readers,

just a really quick post because it is 2AM and I have university tomorrow. I finally decided on a specific topic for my Japanese master's thesis and it's such a good feeling to finally know what I'll do, what I need to read etc. I was so lost the last two months it drove me crazy. I now just need to get a similar topic for my German thesis but since I've got more than 1 year no need to rush. (I am that kind of person who always wants to finish everything asap, I hate when there is a lot of stuff to do, I'm usually a "first work then amusement" girl...) However, I spent a lot at the library because the library here at Tsuuba is amazing; everything is hightec and electronic and it's only 5 minutes by bycicle from my dorm, how awesome is that.

Today, while reading some papers for my thesis I tried some "nail art". I really really love doing nails but I have almost no experience since I wasn't allowed to do my nails for years at work. I will definitely get  my nails done sometime when I find a store that doesn't charge 100$... I know there are cheaper options out there. So I had a specific design in mind for my nails but I totally failed and this just happened.

 It looks kinda cute though. I will definitely buy some nail colors next month; I only have a (really shitty) mint green, an almost-decent pink color and a nice gold glitter topper. Not really the material to go crazy, hu...? I also such at making nail-pictures, they somehow always look a bit weird. I lack the right angle, I guess. However, although this isn't really pro-stuff I was kinda proud it did look like something so I thought I'd make a quick share :D As soon as I get money next month I'll be off to imitate some of these darlings:

All from

Not sure if I'll be able to pull something off like that but I'd love to try! I even thought about getting a gel nail kit since it's just really expensive to get it done at a store. On the other hand however, I'm totally afraid to screw it up. (But it drives me insane how easy the nails I've done for 2-3 hours chip or get destroyed .____. Any tips?) I'm not sure if this post makes any sense; it's late in the night and I probably should go to bed. Wish you all a happy night and talk to you soon!



And if you have any tips on how nails last longer please share I think I missed something there.

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