New In: Pre-Birthday Gifts.
Hello to everyone!

One night lately I was really really bored and when I get really bored.... there is a high percentage I turn to online shopping. Of course I am not buying just anything but I like to browse through stores for hours and pick something up along the way (I kind of almost always find something.) I could of course devote my time to doing university stuff but there are some days when even gaming seems too much too take.

When in Japan, I usually check the webpage of my favorite brand Glad News to see what kind of cool new stuff they got. Problem with online Glad News: The cool things are always out of stock, a l w a y s. So next step is turning to rakuten, my holy grail of online shopping in Japan. There is a lot of cheap crap out there but if you know the right keywords you can dig up some pretty unique things like the leather jacket I bought a month ago (still diggin' that.)

As you all may or may not know I was spending almost no money in June (well, for food and stuff of course but I did almost no shopping except for getting birthday gifts for my friends.) because I wanted to go on a huge shopping spree for my birthday! Thought when I can't have any friends and family around I at least want to get some amazing stuff. I did find quite some nice things online so I decided to order some pre-birthday gifts for myselfs because the chance I would find the same things in huge Tokyo is very very small. (Also, that Glad News shirt was on sale. 50% off!)

I linked you the items below; the popcorn shirt however is completely sold out at the official webstore but it is possible to get it via rakuten (where I got it, even for the sale price!) Rakuten sometimes can have huge price differences so don't be the first item you see but check if another store has the same item for a cheaper price.

Recently I've been a lot into black x turquoise x light purple for no particular reason. I also always liked oversize shirts especially in the heat of Japanese summer so these were perfect! I fear it's a bit too warm for the black x lavender college shirt, however I really love the print so I decided I still buy it (I usually don't buy fall/winter items in summer at all but I feared I would regret not having this in fall.) Since it's supposed to get quite cold in Seoul this won't be a buy in vain.
The oversized sailor shirt is actually a rip-off from the brand Carihan which I love but the prices were just too ridicuous. The original shirt is a bit longer but costs about 9900Yen (~90€) and although I really like this shirt the design is never worth that price, it's just a white shirt with sailor details! I found this rip-off which is a bit shorter but has the same design and bought it for 3200Yen (~25€), I hope it looks good when it arrives! But it looks very loose, perfect for summer :) Here are my favorite shirts from Glad News at the moment:

I absoutely love that lavender shirt with the skeleton having a bow and doing selfies with an iPhone, I need this!! Unfortunately it seems to be sold out but I signed up to get a message if it gets back in stock. The ice-cream shirt was on my to-buy-ist too though its similar to the popcorn shirt - since these shirts are 50% off I thought I could get both since I usually would have need to pay that price if there were no discount (yeah that totally makes sense, since it's half price I need to get two to get the original price... thank you brain.)

Also, I am dying for that shirt with the skeleton in the back because it's so unique! I tried this on as a jacket back in Shibuya but the jacket was SO small and short I didn't like it that much. Unfortunately that shirt seems to be sold out and I couldn't find it anywhere else so I have to pray I may find it in Tokyo somewhere :(

I'm really excited for when the items arrive! I hope Glad News and others have something nice in store when I'll be hitting the stores next week :D Cross your finger for me will you? Which item do you like best? (:

Lots of love,


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