Seven Years Anniversary
Dear readers,

Today is June the 14th which means it's my boyfriends any my anniversary :D Just a short post to let you all know, since I am in Japan (again) we won't spending the day together (well, how could we.) We might Skype in the night when he is home from work but that's about it.. if we are together we are usually doing something to celebrate our relationship and the seven years we spend together. If anyone had told me in the beginning this was growing into something so big...

Although we're separated for the moment he will come visit me in less than two months in Seoul! I am soooo excited for him to come visit me! Last time I came back to Germany after half a year to see him and my friends & family for two weeks but it was incredibly expensive and stressful so I said if he wants to see me, this time he has to come. And he followed, well behaved as he is :D I think there are not many boyfriends who come visit their girlfriend who literally left them alone at home - so I am eternally grateful! I couldn't do a whole year without him (I think this is one of the factors why we survive long distance so well - we ALWAYS meet after about half a year because one is just way too long.). He is a great support and I am still very happy to have him by my side.

I hope you forgive me this sentimental post but I want you all to join my happiness and celebrate this day no matter how (in)significant it may be for you. Make the best out of everyday!
Lots of love,


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