Post-Birthday Haircut [Bob].
Good evening to y'all!

Sooooo... yesterday was my birthday. I am working on a huge (like HUGE) birthday shoping post which I am planning to post tomorrow because I don't have the energy to finish it today. Let's just say I did quite a lot of shopping and am very happy now. Details tomorrow :) I came back from Tokyo this morning to get my hair cut. I actually have been wanting to cut my hair into a bob for quite some time because I love having a bob! The feeling is awesome, especially in (Japanese) summer.

So I searched for some pictures on the internet since I wanted a bob that is shorter in the back than in the front. Unfortunately there is not as much difference as I would have liked but I can get it recut when I'm in Korea I guess. Other than that I am really happy because the hairdresser stayed amazingly 100% true to which length I wanted (that never ever happened before.)

(The shirt I'm wearing was also a birthday present from me to myself, you'll see it in full beauty tomorrow :D I am extremely into light purples at the moment, I don't even know why..I always liked purple but it is kind of hard to combine imo. You can also see my new 0g flesh tunnel piercing! :D It's actually an eye, detail shots will follow.)

The hairdresse actually styled my hair into the most beautiful bob but then..., rain season in Japan happened. Of course nothing was left when I finally come home. I really like this length! It is not supershort so still very feminine which is important to my style. Going to the hairdresser in Japan was an amazing experience, it is so much more luxurious than in Germany! I went to a fairly middle-class(?) salon, the cut cost me 4300Yen (bit more than 30€) because I am a student, usually it is a bit more expensive. The hairdresser was the gentlest person ever and I even got a back massage! Where else do you get that....?

Here my hair still looks very red which is the fault of my camera - actually my hair color looks more like the webcam pictures above. I will dye it again into a deep red soon though. As you can see I still have a little bit of dip-dyed blonde ends left which gives it a very slight light effect, I like that very much! I am also happy that I got rid of all the damaged bleached hair of mine, it felt so dry lately. Also, my hair is growing so fast that chopping it all off is quite an easy decision (okay, and I really love hair changes.) It was already breastlength although I chopped it off just one year ago! ..Crazy world.

Details of my birthday will follow as well as a giveaway because I did not shop only for myself yesterday. How do you like the new haircut? I will watch the Germany vs France soccer game tonight with my Spain friend and some beers and hope it will be an exciting game (Most games I watched were really boring with no goals or actions whatsoever. I secretly hope that the Netherlands will win! I'm not patriotic enough for wanting Germany to win, is all.)

Store details:

Artisanale Tsukuba (
茨城県つくば市二の宮2-17-12  (Tsukuba-ken, Tsukuba-shi Ninomiya 2-17-12)
ARUMIKビル105号(スペースD)(Arumi Building No 105 (Space D))
TEL 029-869-9610
open 10:00-19:00(土・日 sat, sun 9:00-18:00) 

Lots of love,


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