And the winner is.......
Hello my loved ones,

How are you today? It is a wonderful sunny deathly hot day today again and I am just about to leave the house for Tokyo to pickup my Visa for Korea and to watch the new Pokémon movie! (Yes.. you read right... but not because I am interested in the movie I just want to get that movie-only Pokémon that you get on your game when you go watch the movie. :D)

Ehrrm. Back to topic. So before leaving you all for Tokyo and probably be too dead to write this post I wanted to let you know that my giveaway has ended and a winner has been chosen! Thank you everyone for participating, this has been very fun :)  The winner is.....

.....#28 Bambi from Bambidoes! Congratulations to you girl & Herzlichen Glückwunsch! :) I already sent you an e-mail so please check your inbox in case you're reading this first. I am sorry for everyone who did not win, I really crossed my thumbs for all of you because everyone who entered where people/bloggers that I knew and have in my heart for quite some time now! But don't despair I am totally planning on holding at least one other giveaway when I am in Korea :) Maybe a smaller one but with more than one winner so I can make more than one person happy! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope the winner enjoys the prize.

Off to Tokyo now! Have a happy day y'all!

Lots of love,


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