Korean Skincare Wishlist
Hello my dear ones,

How are you all doing? I have to say things got rather awry for my at the moment. I moved out of the dorm on Friday which was suuuuch a long progress it took me forever and it was SO hot I was almost dying. After carrying my luggage across campus I was nearly dying out of back pain (remember I had a hermiated disk one year ago? Yeah. I still got problems, especially when I need to carry heavy things :( I have to work out more..) So I decided to not take the 9+ hours night bus to Kyoto but take the Shinkansen instead. However, my motivation dropped as my back pain increased and the friend I wanted to visit isn't even there (thanks for that... love when you can count on people.) and there is heavy taifun action outside. So I decided to cancel Kyoto altogether and go directly to Osaka as it would not be much fun if I am in pain and I didn't really have much motivation to go alone to be honest.

So! That's why I am still here and blogging. I will very very soon set foot on Korea (I am very hopeful now that there is taifun there will not be another one in 2 days *knock on wood*) I am already very excited to go and I am especially excited to buy aaaall the skincare products that I can afford. With that being sad I have a little list in my head with products that I really look forward to try out and I thought why not share with my readers? :)

These are the products I am most excited about at the moment but that may change as soon as I really set foot in Korea and see whatelse they might have :D I wanna try out a Korean skincare routine (you know, the one that has a zillion steps) so that means introducing products slowly so the skin can get used to it. I recently started to use a toner (my very first one at the age of 25; toners are just really not popular in Germany so I never felt the need to..I use the Muji Whitening Toning Water in Light which works pretty good for me.)

First thing I want to get my hands on is an oil cleanser because Koreans are crazy about it and I read that it seems to work overall very good for people who have breakouts so definitely try one; I am most interested in the Black Sugar Oil Cleanser from Skin Food (because I love this brand and it hasn't let me down yet) or one from The Face Shop which I have heard very good things about. Next item to introduce would be a cream/moisturizer because I am running out of mine and just need a new one. I'd then like to try out serums that are SO famous in Korea and essences but that would be later after my skin adjusted to the new products, I am certainly not trying out 6 new things all at once (oh, the waiting will be so hard..)

As for the Mizon AHA toner & serum you see here; I read that these are really good against breakouts so if I can get my hands on those I will definitely try them out; however I'd like to first use up my Muji toner (I bought a small 50ml bottle) up (or maybe, I can use the Muji toner in the morning since it is so incredibly light & mattifying and the other one in the night because AHA & BHA's are exfoliating PM use might be best.)

As you can see I am putting a lot of thought into this as of late and I am educating myself a lot about how to correctly clean/wash your face gently etc because my skin is still not calmed down (although at the moment, with all the moving stress/going to Korea that is no surprise.)

Do you use Korean skincare? Do you have favorites or maybe a favorite brand? If you have recommendations, especially for troubled skin, please let me kow :)

Take care & lots of love,


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