Today, after I had a meeting with my international supporters team (I volunteered for organizing a music festival in Korea but details will follow in another post) my new amazing friend Arim did spend some quality time with me and introduced me to Paris Croissant bakery (not to be confused with Paris Baguette, the infamous chain bakery which is everywhere in Seoul... you can easily see where the names are going.) Paris Croissant is quite famous in Seoul I should learn and I soon learned why - not only did everything look extremely delicious and carefully put together, no, they also had everything.

And when I say everything, I mean, everything: Croissants in all forms from mini-size to more experimental ones with different flavours, German bread(!!!), Japanese Kurokke filled with Curry, Paninis, Brownies, Macarons, Cakes, Cupcakes.... it was not easy to chose from but luckily, Arim and me took everything we liked and shared it so that we could taste more different things. We really wanted to taste all the Halloween-themed cakes and cupcakes because they looked oh-so-amazing. Unfortunatel we couldn't eat everything :(

 That chocolate-cheese cake with little ghosts and pumpkin on top is to die for, isn't it?!

...I still regret I didn't get any cheesecake for home, I have a huge craving for cheesecake at the moment but somehow I forgot when we left :( We decided on a Panini filled with ham, rucola and mozzarella cheese (pure love), a Japanese curry kurokke because I love them and Arim didn't taste one yet, something sausage-ish that was wrapped in something that looked like a wrap and was also filled with  bulgogi and last but not least a French dessert; thin sticks made out of puff pastry and sugar with a chocolate dip.


Everything tasted delicious! Although this is not the cheapest bakery in town I have to say that the quality is really really good. The panini was light and fluffy, the cheese was melty but not greasy and everything tasted fresh, the curry kurokke was even better than in Japan, oh <3 We had a nice afternoon chatting away and suddenly it was 6PM and we both went home as we live in opposite directions. If you get sudden pastry cravings this is definitely a place I would recommend if you find yourself in Seoul sometime. :)

How to get there:

Gangnam Station, Exit #10
Walk straight for about a minute and you will see the bakery on your left side.

What kind of Halloween treats are you into at the moment? For a country with little interest in Halloween as Korea the cake designs were definitely beyond adorable. I'm off to bed now as I have to work at the festival tomorrow all day long!
Talk to you soon,


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