Giveaway Winners + Going Back Home Update
Good morning everyone!

How have you all been? Sorry for being absent for quite a time, but these last days in Korea have been just major crazy. I went on a very short vacation from Friday to Sunday to Sokcho Beach on the Eastern coast of Korea. It was a lovely trip despite the fact that I fell extremely sick half into the journey and could not enjoy it as much as I would have - I must have eaten something really bad because I woke up in the middle of the night and felt miserable. Needless to say, the trip back with the shakey bus was not as pleasant anymore. Plus, we were caught up in a traffic jam and it took us almost 6 hours for a usual 2-3 hours trip, dang. There will be a separate post about the good sides of the trip once I'm back home, rested and got all the pictures we took :)

Also, I announced the winners of the giveaway straight away on my Facebook and Twitter page but it seems a lot of people missed that, so here it goes again:

...congratulations again to Irina and Jenn! I already sent out their packages and I hope they'll arive safe & sound & soon at your doorstep! :) Thanks everyone for entering and you can expect another giveaway soon!

You won't hear much of me in the next few days though, because I am leaving tonight for Germany. It's kind of.... weird. To go back so suddenly. I don't have the feeling of going back home, maybe it will hit me somewhen along the journey. My flight will take 21 hours with a 4 hour break in Doha, Qatar but the whole journey starting at the dorm until I arrive will be more than 30 hours so don't expect to hear anything from me soon - I'll be pretty dead.

Have a good start into the new week!



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