Links I L♥ve: February Edition

Good evening everyone!

I always love to read collections of what other bloggers found interesting and inspiring over the course of the month and I always discover awesome blogs that way which I may not have found otherwise. Also, it's always interesting to know what other bloggers read in their freetime :D If someone would look at my feed, there is a definitive preference: Food. Food everywhere. I'm a big foodie and always on the hunt for new, healthy, inexpensive recipes - the lasagna from Smitten Kitchen linked here is one of those dishes you need a day to make, but it has never disappointed me. I casually have to make this recipe when my friends are craving lasagna a bit too much (although I skip making fresh noodles because ain't nobody got time for that!) One of my favorite posts this month has been of a friend of mine about the controvers(?) topic of overhyped Asian cosmetics - an issue that happens a lot whenever a good review of something pops up. I love the way she thinks!

  1    What A Cup Of Tea Looks Like In 22 Different Countries

  2    Most Overhyped Asian Cosmetics

  3    Smitten Kitchen's (and in my opinion the best ever) Lasagna Bolognese

  4    Shooting In Manual Mode - AKA How To Take Great Pictures

  5    13 Healthy Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes

  6    The Best Of: Exfoliating Toners

What are your personal blog topics that always flood your dashboard? If anyone misses me, I'll be busy tonight watching Germany's Next Top Model, now that I'm in the country again - it was so difficult to watch this abroad! Have a great evening and take care!

Lots of love,


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