Updated Skincare Routine! (Dry Skin + Acne)

Good evening everybody!

When you read this post I will be working - I scheduled this post and hope this time it goes up in time again! :p I got paid yesterday from the little mini job I did at my boyfriend's parents store and it is still Glamour Shopping Week in Germany so I did some little shopping - "unfortunately" I just recorded a haul video yesterday so I have to add some scenes later ^^"

Speaking of which - today I proudly present a highly requested video by my readers which is my updated skincare routine. I teased quite some time ago that my routine completely changed after I learnt that my skin in fact wasn't oily at all but quite dry - and since this routine has worked so well for my skin overall and my acne problems (don't really have any active acne for almost a month, big yay, anyone??) I really wanted to share it. I'll talk in my video how I treated my skin before and what changes I made. A complete AM + PM skincare routine sheet can be found at the end of this post in case my rambling is too confusing :D

...like I said here, I recorded this video twice but both times I forgot to talk about one specific product! (here it is the OST C20 Vitamin C serum, in my first take I forgot to talk about my BHA product.... did I mention youtubing is hard? :p) I tend to forget a lot of things I planned to tell you guys once I hit record. My latest haul video went quite smooth though and I didn't have many mishaps so I may just get into the groove soon ^^

Read on for a visual guide with pictures on my updated skincare routine :3

...I just realized that I forgot two products in this routine, I guess I have too many? After the actives, I wait 15-30mins (depending on how much in a rush I am) and then I swipe off the residue with a cotton pad and my Paris Cattier Loition De Beauté Apaisante Rose & Camomille (basically a rose and camomile water) toner. Not particularly in love with this one, it's okay and I will use it up. Second, after my treatement step I sometimes also use the Balea Aqua Feuchtigskeitsserum (hydrating serum) when my skin feels like it needs some extra moisture. Balea can be found in any DM and with 2,50€ you can't really do anything wrong with this serum - ingredients aren't that bad either!

Please remember that my skin never feels dry; the only problem I had was that my skin wouldn't absorb products very well and in return didn't get the moisture it so badly wanted. This routine will probably work well for people with slightly oily skin + acne or people like me, who despite having dry skin have acne as well. If your skin is dry and always feels dry and tight this routine might not work for you as well as it has for me because I don't suffer from those symptoms. :) Since I changed to this routine though I didn't have any acne at all - I had maybe 2 or 3 small pimples in a month when I would have deep inflamed cysts on a daily basis before :/ A big factor is also the monthly extraction that my aesthetician does - since I started doing that, my acne has reduced significantly and my skin is overall very calm.

Disclaimer: I was in no way paid to make this post; I really use almost only COSRX products at the moment. After failing with many other brands, my most-trust earned brands are definitely Hada Labo and COSRX because they have been working great on my skin. Please always patch test new products as your mileage may vary.

Have you found your perfect skincare routine yet? I used to try out new products all the time but for the first time in years I am really happy with my routine :)

Have a nice day/night!
Lots of love,


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