Weekend Roadtrip Travel Diary: Hamburg
Hi there!

I hope you all have had a relaxing weekend to start all fueled up into the new week? I am usually busy with working the weekend shifts at work but I have been looking forward to this particular past weekend all month long: My boyfriend and I took 3 days off and did a little roadtrip to the Hanseatic city of Hamburg up in the North of Germany!

While I lost my heart forever in my hometown of Berlin, Hamburg is the only other German city that I personally really love. Close to the sea and Denmark, the city is full of rivers, waters and ships that cross right by while you are sitting at some sidewalk sipping a cappucchino.

(Road)trips with my boyfriend aren't fun. He is always either reading or sleeping already (he fell asleep shortly after taking these pictures and no, he never knew I made those! Once the guy's concentration is on something, the world could go under around him and he would. not. notice.)

My boyfriend's parents had some business thing to do up there and since they have recently gotten a bigger car they decided to take us along so that we could enjoy the charm of this rough city at the sea firsthand. Niko and I visited Hamburg about 5 years ago together, so it was time to see for ourselves how the city has changed. Our accommodation was the Sofitel Hamburg Alter Wall Hotel and my-oh-my was that a pretty stay.

Niko and I decided to treat ourselves to some relaxing massages at the hotel-owned spa! It's been ages since we've last gotten a massage and I just fell head over heels for the spa, I mean, what is there not to love? Since we've been there early we were the only two and could use everything to our full advantage.

The rooms were pretty great too; it was big with a fluffy 2m bed, furniture in all shades of grey as well as a balcony from which you could look over the town in the morning...

That sight on the left was definitely something that I was looking to forward the most in the morning. Well, that and the amazing breakfast. The service was okay I guess - I personally think it was pretty bad at times (I got a very very lukewarm cappucchino which...wasn't even a cappucchino and often things would be forgotten completely) so for such a "high end" hotel, they should definitely work on that. I do think they might have been understaffed though. Top right is the view from the balcony to the other side; bottom was a lovely Mexican dinner that we all shared on the first night upon arrival.

They also had a terrace right next to the river, so you could sip your morning coffee and watch the ships pass by.
I tried to recreate this picture we took 5 years ago at the same spot! :D It seems as if my boyfriend is somewhat taller now....? Also, we both got lighter hair. Growing old together, I guess :')

Ah, I just love all the water, the harbour and, of course... the rain. Hamburg is probably the rainiest city in Germany but since I personally really love rain, I don't mind that much. The amazing old architecture of the city hall is also something one shouldn't miss, especially at night! (But since it is located in the heart of the shopping quarters in the city.... I doubt you'd miss it.)

...and that was our trip to Hamburg! It was short, but very lovely since it's been 4 years since we last went on vacation together (I don't count South Korea as it wasn't a vacation for me...) and I enjoyed it so much!! We don't really see each other much because of conflicting working schedules so this was really nice. Where have you been wandering around lately..?

Have a great start into the week (I know, it's already Tuesday, but..) and make it count!
Lots of love,


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