I'm back on the road with really good news: I passed the last Japanese exam on my university with 1,3!!! So let's say I achieved my goal ^-^ When I first began with Japanese Studies two years ago I was plain average... not very good and not that bad, mostly a 2,0. Since I heard that in the German city Heidelberg there is the chance to do Japanese, English and German as an interpreter for master studies I really catched up because I want this sooo bad. So I studied a lot harder and finally passed the Japanese exams with 1,1 and 1,3. Overall, my average is 1,4 now which is pretty good and I'm very satisfied with the work I had done. I took a few pictures before I left for university this morning..

With new glasses :D

I'm wearing Eos Candy Grey on this pictures. I made a review some times ago, but I have to add a little thing: I told you, that I always feel the lens first when I put them in. After a few times of wearing it didn't occur anymore and the lens itself turned out to be REALLY comfy! I usually wear them for 6~8 hours and did not endure any bad things about.. so I really recommend ^-^ I like this lens much better than the Angel Grey... both look unnatural, but the EOS works better for me. So tomorrow is the last day of my university for this year for me because I'm moving to Japan in September. Still lots of things to do and I'm veryyy afraid of packing my bag because ugh.. what do you need for a 10 month stay?! I really don't know if I can put the life of nearly a year in one bag, it's kind of impossible. Next week I get the other grades for my other exams I got through this term. This weekend I have to work really early (5 AM at work) so that I will not have left many things to tell you because I'll be crushed by work. Obviously. u_u"


  1. OMG your glasses are adorableeee here haha <3

  2. Congrats on your amazing grade (Although I believe you'd mentioned already? All the same-- this deserves as many congratulations! )

    I love those lenses on you-- I'm so glad they're comfier for you now. :]]

    I agree- packing your life into 1 bag is difficult. @_@ Perhaps you can pack up/box up more stuff and have family ship it to you in a while?


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