I am desperate because I'm thinking the last few days if I should cut my hair. I cut it in March but it did not look that good at that time.. the colour was too dark and my fringe looked really messy. So I let it grow and grow and grow... and now my hair lost its shape u_u" My fringe was crooked and now I just do it to the side when drying it... and I'm not quite sure if I should let it grow out completely or not. This is was my hair looked like a few weeks ago: CLICK ME BECAUSE I'M FAMOUS. The fringe is almost grown out now.. I found this picture of Kyary Pamyupamyu along on the internet and fell in love with her fringe! But I doubt if this would suit me? What do you girls think? (Hair is always a really hot theme for me, my hair is so precious to myself xDD) My hair is usually kinda straight, but it looks that wave-ish like on the picture when I let them dry onto the air :x I also want lighter hair but I'm moving to Japan in Septembre and I dont want to have it coloured every single month (because my hair grows fast. Really fast.) I think I wanna keep the length, though. :3

On Friday after university I watched Norwegian Wood (in Germany it's called "Naokos Laecheln" which means "the smile of Naoko") in Japanese (with subtitles). I was really shocked that the film was so intense!! The atmosphere was like WOAH :3 There were many not that usual camera angles and I was so happy to see that a lot of people were hard thinking about how to compose this film. A masterpiece! You should watch it, if you can (in Japanese because it's better for the film's atmosphere I think ) I read the book - honestly I've read almost every book of Murakami Haruki - but this was the book I liked the fewest out of all of his books! But I adore the film it was really close to the book and even better. Please watch it, if you can! (:

"I want you to always remember that I stayed by your side at this very moment. You promise?"  "I promise. I will always remember."

Update July, 11th: Tomorrow is my Japanese exam, the last language exam I have to take part in university.. I was pretty sure the last days but now, an evening before the exam, it feels as if there is nothing in my head and I am afraiiiiiiiiiiid. Uwah. Sniff, sniff.


  1. OMGOMGOMGOMG i want to see that movie sooooo bad! i need to re-read the book first >< i wonder when it'll come out on dvd here T_T

  2. Oohhhh~~. That film looks good. o: <3

    As for your hair, I'm no sure that that blunt-cut type of fring would suit you. Hm... perhaps if you got that fringe, but shorter/ not over your eyes? o:

    I dunno'~. Hm... then again, to do it the smart way, you would get the fringe cut longer. That way, if it's TOO long, you can just shorten it. (There's no way to make a short fringe longer, if you get it cut short. Haha)

    I hope your Japanese exam went well! :]


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