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it's so good to see you again! Life has been hectic and my job has me tightly in it's grip, but I just miss writing so much that I'll make a night shift to finally give you something new to read :) 

Just a few weeks ago, I have had the pleasure to be able to test the Aesthetic Start Kit from Troiareuke, which has been sent to me by stylekorean.com {pr-sample} I have not heard of this brand prior to testing it, but I was immediately intrigued by the presentation as well as their major ingredients in this line - Centella Asiatica (long time readers will know just how much my skin loves this!)

Since I barely had any knowledge about this brand, here are a few background facts, kindly provided by Katherine from skinfullofseoul.comskinfullofseoul.com :

" They [Troiareuke] began as a professional brand, with only their spa treatments offered to the public. However after demand from spa customers, they created their premium skincare range, aimed at providing real skincare solutions to a variety of skin issues. They’re a mid to high end brand, and each customer receives a skin consultation from the esthetician in store to help decide on products suitable for the individual’s skin needs. "

Personally, even though I had ni prior knowledge about this particular brand, it definitely looked like a high end brand to me. Bonus point: The set came with a full ingredients list for every single item, yeah! Every item was carefully assembled in a set where every item had their own designated place. The packaging of the product itself was, to me at least, somewhere between hipster-minimalistic and medical cosmetics. It definitely gives the impression of a high end product to me. But can it really be called high end...? (Spoiler: One was a hit and one was a miss for me.)

The Aesthetics Start Kit comes with the following products:

Except for the cream, which is already the full size item, all items are a smaller "try-out" version of the actual product. I really prefer those kind of sets instead of the full size items for various reasons: I am very often traveling back and forth between places, so smaller items are just easier to carry with. However, the bigger reason is that since my skin is very acne-prone, I like being able to try out various products in a set than having to commit to a fullsize item that may or might not work for me. Speaking of which, lets dive into the details!

- Troiareuke ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing -

- holds 55ml (full size: 120ml)
- gel-type cleanser

I will not waste too much time discussing this cleanser, just because it didn't do much for me. It was not bad, but it also was not great. So I personally don't have too much to say about this cleanser. I have to say though, that I personally am not very enthusiastic about most cleansers in general.

This gel-type cleanser works well. It takes off my make-up, but didn't lather up too much. Since I'm a big fan of bubbles and everything foam-y, this cleanser didn't do much for my nightly routine. That being said, it was a solid product, it did not make my acne worse or made me break out. After trying the cleanser, I was a little less thrilled about the product line in general, but boy, was I wrong.

- Troiareuke Skin Complex Formula -

- Troiareuke Skin Complex Formula 60ml (full size: 180ml)
- spray watery formula

The Skin Complex Formula is a light, yet moisturizing water formula with hyaluronic acid that comes in a spray bottle. This reminded me a lot of Hada Labo's Hyaluronic Acid toner, but this formula from Troiaereuke feels a little bit more rich on my skin and a little less than "just water" (my main hiccup with the toners from Hada Labo). 

I used it as my first step after cleansing and it left my skin feeling super smooth and subtle. I felt it gave good preparation to my stressed skin and made othre products following absorbing a bit faster. There are a lot of plant extracts as well as hyaluronic acid and niacinamides in this formula, which made it a great moisturizing step for me, be it morning or night routine. Overall, I really liked this product more than most traditional toners that I have tried.

- Troiareuke Anti-Trouble Formula Ampoule -

- Troiareuke Anti-Trouble Formula Ampoule 10ml (full size: 20ml) 
- full ingredients list (cosdna)
- medium-rich ampoule targeted for troubled skin

This is the smallest product out of the bunch, but it had by far the longest ingredients list! That being said, I did not have any problem with this product and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is targeted towards troubled skin and aims to provide a calming effect. 

If you've been an avid reader of this blog, you know that I have a really soft spot for ampoules. I always found them helpful when I was going through my worst acne phases. They seem like a waste of money with such a small size, but they are really power punch in a bottle. Because they are stronger formulated than toners, you really need just a tiny amount. Even though I was worried by the size, as you can see in the picture, I barely used anything after roughly two weeks (used only in my night routine). I'd wager that this try out size will last me at least a month, so you should get out 2-3 months of use (once daily) out of the full size. It contains various root extracts and reminded me a bit of the Centella Asiatica ampoule from COSRX. Needless to say, I really enjoyed this product and hope it will be a while until I run out.

- ACSEN Recovery Cream or: the reason I'm writing all of this -

- ACSEN Recovery cream 25ml (already full size)
- light calming / moisturizing fluid for troubled skin

This was the product I was most excited about and boy, rightly so! After reading that this cream too contains Centella Asiatica, I was super intrigued to try it out. Many (most?) creams out there, even if targeted for troubled skin, are often too rich/greasy for me. Not only can I not stand the sticky residue feeling on my skin, but my skin basically immediately breaks out when I use something too occlusive.

Hence, it was a delight to try this and find out it's a light fluid (I personally wouldn't call it a cream or a gel - it's pretty much exactly in that sweet sweet spot in between) that gets absorbed almost instantly by my skin. It feels moisturizing and leaves my skin feeling SO velvety. I am incredibly in love with this cream and are already getting panic attacks looking at the price tag for 25ml. Let's face it: I love this, but this cream is not cheap. I definitely wouldn't use this as my go-to daily cream, simply because that would be out of budget for me. I'd definitely splurge on it though, if I felt like it. This cream is definitely my absolute favorite out of everything. If you can afford it, you should definiely go for it! I also wish there was a bigger size, as international shipping sometimes takes a month or longer before it reaches me.

After trying out the whole set for approx. 2 weeks (I would have preferred to try it longer, but it was stuck in postage for forever), I must say that I'm really happy with this set. The line is definitely mid-high end not only from the packaging, but also the quality of products. My skin didn't break out once when trying this, so it's a yes for me! If you are currently in the midst of an acne breakout, please always introduce only one product at a time and make sure to spot-test. Your skin might react differently, so take everything here with a grain of salt. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know in the comments! :)

Thank you stylekorean.com for being so generous and sending me this set for review purposes! 

Disclaimer: The products were sent to me as a pr-sample. I did not receive money to write this review and all information is based on my own opinion of the products.

Lots of love,



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